Amber14 Updates

14.0	April, 2014

Note: The individual bug fixes are described below in case you want to see what they do, or you don't want to use update_amber for some reason. Most users are encouraged to use the update_amber script (which is in $AMBERHOME, and is automatically run during the configure step) to handle patching tasks. This script automatically downloads and applies patches on this site individually and keeps track of every patch that has been applied, making patching and trouble-shooting easier.

Instructions for using update_amber can be found in the Amber 14 manual in Chapter 2 Section 1. See Jason's wiki page for more detailed instructions.

If you wish to apply these updates, run the command

$AMBERHOME/update_amber --update

Alternatively, the Amber configure script automatically checks for and downloads updates so you can just recompile Amber.