Download the latest version of programs ...

Antechamber is now part of AmberTools, which is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and is available here.

Download earlier versions of programs ...

N.B.: these versions are no longer recommended or supported. They should only be needed if you need to track down what happened in some old calculation.

To install the old packages:

  1. Download the antechamber package antechamber-1.x.tar.gz

  2. Read the License , note that both antechamber and tleap codes are provided under the GNU General Public Library, Version 2.

  3. Use 'gunzip' to uncompress and then use 'tar xvf' to unpack the antechamber-1.x.tar.gz file.

  4. Set up the ACHOME environment variable to point to where the antechamber package resides on your machine, for example
    setenv ACHOME /usr/local/antechamber-1.x
    set path=($ACHOME/bin $path)

    This is a sample .cshrc file

  5. Go to the $ACHOME and type "make" to install antechamber package