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Installing Amber on Windows 10/11

Amber's Windows support is somewhat minimal, but all of Amber should compile and run on the Windows 10/11 "subsystem for Linux" (WSL/WSL2). If your Windows 10 or 11 system is up-to-date, installation is very simple, as shown here. (This page also has instructions for older Windows 10 builds, but they are considerably more involved.) There are also several YouTube videos that walk you through the installation process. You can search for them on YouTube, but look for recent ones, since the new installation procedure was introduced in October of 2021.

Once you have installed WSL2, you should be able to follow the Linux Ubuntu instructions. Or, if you just need AmberTools, you should be able to install the conda package in WSL2, as described here, but this has not yet (Dec. 2021) been tested.

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Last modified: Jun 28, 2023