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The Amber Mail Reflectors

Amber The Mail Reflector exists to provide a forum for discussions on the use of the Amber software and for release of bugfixes. Before posting please read the manual, consult the FAQ, and search the previous items discussed on the Amber Reflector using the Google search box provided on the archive site.

Mail reflectors distribute mail sent to the reflector address to all subscribers.

Only subscribers to the reflector can post. To join or leave the reflector, please see: To post or mail to the list (subscribers only), e-mail (in plain text) to:

Please use this list for discussion of Amber-specific issues only; in particular, announcements of general interest to the online chemistry community should be sent to the community's main reflector, Amber users are encouraged to join this list as well, since it has a lot of useful information and since many other programs also use the Amber force fields.

The GLYCAM-L Mail Reflector

For GLYCAM-related questions, it is often helpful to visit the GLYCAM mailing list:

"How's that for maxed out?"

Last modified: May 3, 2020