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10.3 VMD Visualization Software

10.3.1 Download VMD and Manual

To download VMD and the documentation, please see the VMD website. Please note that VMD no longer supports OpenGL and therefore does not work on MacOSX from Catalina and newer (10.15 and on).

10.3.2 Using VMD with AMBER

vmd This tutorial acts as a brief introduction to using VMD for visualising AMBER inpcrd, restrt and trajectory files. While only scratching the surface of what VMD can do it covers setting up a .vmdrc file to set the default layout of VMD, loading static structures and performing RMSD fits between similar structures. It then goes on to cover loading and visualising AMBER trajectories, both from gas phase/implicit solvent simulations and from periodic boundary simulations and shows how to save individual frames from a trajectory as well as create an MPEG video of the trajectory.

By Ross Walker

10.3.3 VMD Movie Making

vmdThis is a tutorial on how to make an mp4 movie in VMD from your Amber trajectory.

by Rodrigo Galindo-Murillo

10.3.4 Official VMD Tutorials

vmdVMD makes their own tutorials.

"How's that for maxed out?"

Last modified: Mar 5, 2023